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Property Management

Construction Shield can help you protect your business against the risks associated with taking care of your clients’ most valuable assets together with supporting your relationships with your tenants.

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That solution should be tailored specifically to address your business requirements and those of your clients, whilst being able to include your trusted insurance partner as part of your team to adapt to changing circumstances.

At Construction Shield, we understand that every property is unique and whether your business is residential or commercial property, management or development, it requires specialised and comprehensively designed insurance arrangements to protect you and your clients against the myriad of potential liabilities that arise through dealing with property.

Business insurance

Some of the largest risks for property managers relate to the maintenance and upkeep of the properties and/or liability relating to negligence or contract performance. Whilst there are issues of who has the insurable interest to be determined, in general, property managers should carry commercial property insurance as well as several forms of business liability insurance, such as:

  • Commercial property
  • Business income
  • Employer’s and Public liability
  • Professional liability

Directors and Officers

Your directors or officers can be held personally liable for their actions while working on behalf of leaseholders. As a result, taking out Directors and officers liability insurance can provide the peace of mind that you have in place a policy to defend you against any actual or alleged:

  • Breach of trust
  • Breach of warranty
  • Neglect
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Misstatement

Engineering Insurance and Inspection

At Construction Shield we work with specialist insurers that offer policies that can cover damage due to breakdown of a passenger lift or the legal requirement to have those lifts regularly inspected, which can be particularly useful in the context of block management.


Could the buildings you manage be a target? Even if they are not, individual residents could be threatened, so it is worth considering that some standard buildings insurance policies may not provide cover for damage caused as a result of a terrorist attack.

Again, even if this appears unlikely, the Property Manager needs to consider their duties as directors and officers for putting such coverage in place.

Investor Rental Protection Insurance

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