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Investing in and owning property can be a risky business. We can help you de-risk your investment and trade certainty for uncertainty.

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Our ‘Investor Rental Protection’ insurance

Forward funding developments can be tricky. We may be able to help.

Our ‘A’ insurance-backed scheme provides cover for the target income for a 10+ year period.

Our product will be bespoke to each investment scenario and investor. Generally, however, it requires a high-quality Managing Agent, or equivalent, to enter into a long-term lease or guarantee rental income. This directly aligns the interests of the Investor, Managing Agent and the Insurer. The lease structure is also highly attractive to the Managing Agent, creating high rewards for good performance and maximising returns.

What is the problem?

Not enough new housing stock has entered the market, even though demand remains high.

Further, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will create additional delays to the delivery of new homes.

Institutional investment could present a solution to increasing the new housing stock as they are actively looking for alternative secured income streams. Construction Shield’s insurance-backed ‘Investor Rental Protection’ insurance scheme provides the solution for unlocking huge potential delivery of housing as well as broader economic growth.

Benefits of IRP insurance

  • Unique and bespoke model to unlock investment to create funding for housing stock
  • Securing long-term fixed income
  • Potentially increasing the value of your housing stock
  • Immediate implementation for existing housing portfolios generating income
  • Assists in obtaining better financing terms

Institutional investors have set aside billions of pounds for investment in the residential property market. However, there is concern due to the potential for unstable rental income returns.

Our scheme requires no Government borrowing or guarantees for delivery. Endorsement of our ‘Investor Rental Protection’ insurance scheme would assist in making a significant impact into the current housing market deficit.

Our ‘A’ rated insurance backed long-term income protection scheme unlocks that institutional investment capital.

Existing Housing Portfolios

In addition to unlocking capital to create new housing stock development, we can also assist by structuring our insurance wrap over your existing property portfolio to provide security for better re-financing terms, savings where you are currently having to place tenants into B&Bs or hotels and, where you are effectively acting as the Registered Provider or Managing Agent, you are able to offer the ultimate landlords a more commercially efficient fixed income strip over a long-term lease period that they could then utilise against their own fund raising needs.

Investor Rental Protection Insurance

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